Dear fellow citizens, members of the business community,

It is with great pleasure that we will celebrate, in 2021, the 100th anniversary of our beautiful municipality of Temiscaming. Mandated by the City Council, the Centennial Committee was launched to organize the programming, socio-economic contributions and legacies of Temiscaming's 100th anniversary.

For the past 100 years, we have written our story together. It has been marked by successes and challenges, funny stories and sad moments. Together, we celebrated our successes and helped each other in times of need to come out stronger and more united. Together, we paved the way to today; we must be proud of it! And it is also together that we are now undertaking the next chapters of this story of ours with the hope that the next generations may one day celebrate it in their turn.

The centennial festivities are a series of events for all ages where together we will remember our history, celebrate our achievements and commit to the success and sustainability of our Temiscaming of tomorrow.

Our greatest desire is to mobilize local and regional communities and promote the Town through diverse programming that focuses on local talents and resources while having a responsible ecological footprint.

As a committee, we want to offer you a program that reflects our image! At the dawn of the 100th anniversary of our beautiful town, we are seeking your support and the financial help of the members of the business community to be partners for the festivities and help us make a success of these events.

Together, let's make 2021 an unforgettable year!

Roxanne Major
President, Centennial committee

As you know, the Town of Temiscaming will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021.

A few months ago, the Town called upon volunteers and it is with great pride that we witnessed the quick mobilization of some citizens to make this anniversary a memorable year!

People will have the opportunity, by participating in our activities, to realize how good it is to live in a healthy and active environment like Temiscaming.

Naturally, the Town has already started putting money aside to fund the festivities, but the more money we can raise, the more we can offer quality programming to our citizens and visitors. This is an excellent vehicle for advertising, since many activities for all audiences will take place throughout the year of 2021.

We count on your generosity to help us in organizing great festivities for our families, friends and visitors to remember for years to come!

Yves Ouellet

Events Temiscaming's 100th

Full schedule

winter 2021

exhibition- femmes de papier

starting january 2021
Starting in January, you will be invited to admire the Femmes de papier exhibition at the Train Station Museum.
''For thousands of Canadians, the mention of pulp and paper evokes the memory of a lumberjack working in the heart of the boreal forest or a papermaker going to work, his lunch box in hand. Our grandfathers have talked to us on numerous occasions about the ambient noise at the plant, the heat from the machines and the demanding nature of working on shifts. What about our mothers and grandmothers? FEMMES DE PAPIER offers a feminine perspective on a male-predominant industry.
Through various interactive stations, you are invited to discover the daily lives of women from different environments: stay-at-home mothers, cooks in logging camps, plant secretaries or women who challenged norms by being actively involved in the production process. Their stories, often lived in parallel with their husband?s reality, dismantle prejudices. From the papermaker?s daughter to the plant director, these women from the paper industry will make you laugh, but mostly, they will remind you of how far we have come over the last fifty years.
FEMMES DE PAPIER is a touching and interactive exhibit which provides a different and genuine glimpse into the reality of women who contributed to history.
We hope to see many of you there!

opening ceremony 

saturday, february 13, 2021

 On the menu:
ð?Å'± High quality fireworks show
ð?Å'± Campfires all over town to warm you up
ð?Å'± A decorated skating rink for children, directly on the arena?s ice
ð?Å'± Rush and Guns N 'Roses tribute show "Appetite for Democracy" at the Dottori Hall
Did you know that Temiscaming's official anniversary date is February 14, 1921? So it will be a great way to start the celebrations on a high note!


Festival International d'impro de Témiscaming

FRIDAY APRIL 16, 2021 / SATURDAY APRIL 17, 2021 / SUNDAY APRIL 18, 2021



At the 2001 Spring Fair, a time capsule was closed to celebrate the Millennium and to pass thoughts and ideas on to future generations. It had been agreed that the capsule would be opened on July 1, 2021 during the 100th anniversary festivities and that's what we will do!


On July 3 and 4 2021, explore the pipeline trail and discover the expertise of passionate local restaurateurs / caterers. This Gourmet Path will offer you the chance to taste a multitude of food and alcoholic drinks in a friendly atmosphere.
Also on July 3 and 4, 2021, we will have the chance to host the CanAm tour with the Watercross World Championship qualification. Watercross is a watercraft race. This type of race offers an intense visual experience for the spectators as well as for the competitors themselves! The event is organized by the City of Témiscaming, in partnership with the 100th committee.

FALL 2021



Call for projets

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Temiscaming's 100th

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FLD renovation center made a generous donation of $ 8,000 to the Centennial committee

The centennial committee is proud to announce FLD renovation center has made a generous donation of $ 8,000!

This is a local business established in our community for several years. The owners are also from Témiscaming. That's why they are committed to providing everyone with unforgettable celebrations.

Our official sign and some Centennial promo items will be available soon in their store!

📸Francine and Luc Desrochers, owners of the FLD Renovation center accompanied by all their employees, as well as Michelle Fortin Vice-President of the centennial Committee

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